Beyond the Picket Fence

It has been an eventful couple days with the release of a new compilation book by Marc MacYoung and Company.

Beyond The Picket Fence: Life Outside the Middle-Class Bubble by [MacYoung, Marc, Plume, Eric, Valdiserri, Anna, Juliano, Robert, Meek, Jenna, Jahn, Clint, Kane, Lawrence, Huston, Peter, Et all]

I am honored to be part of this book.  More about my role in a bit.

Beyond the Picket Fence is a book for the up and coming generations.  It is a book that helps people navigate life outside of suburbia.

It seems that today, more than ever, we live by a set of unwritten rules.  Not only are these rules unwritten, but they are also often misunderstood.  It’s one of those you know why you should or shouldn’t do or say something but you are not really sure why that is the case.

This book helps put the pieces together and help gain a better understanding of these social rules and expectations.

My contribution is about how to be successful working in a male dominated field. Not only have I experienced this in my current field, but in a different time in my life I worked in the corporate world in mortgage banking, and this applies there, as well.  What’s the secret?  You’ll just have to buy the book to find out.

The cast of contributors to this book is long and distinguished and I am humbled to have been include in this work.

Beyond the Picket Fence is available now as an e-book on Amazon.