That Time I Got to Work for Massad Ayoob

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind for Jeff and me.  I am happy and tired.  Make that *really* tired.

The past week was spent preparing for and enjoying a large get together (80 or so people from all over the world).  This event is an annual BBQ full of amazing friends, great food, late nights and various classes in martial arts and other self-defense related topics.  This event started mid-week and we wrapped it up Monday night with the farewell dinner and goodbyes.  The event goes pretty much non-stop for about five days.  I am already looking forward to next year, but first some much-needed rest!

And if that was not reason enough to be tired …

The week prior Jeff and I volunteered to be on staff for a MAG40 class that was held in Greeley, CO.  Working for Massad Ayoob was an honor, privilege and one of the highlights of my professional life to date.

MAG40 2016
MAG40 2016 Jenna, Mas and Jeff

The class was split into two MAG20 classes.  One range and one classroom portion.  If both halves were completed it was the equivalent to a MAG40 class.

Jeff and I helped as RO’s (Range Officers) behind the line for the range portion of the class.  I learned new things and had other things reinforced listening to Mas over the span of the class.  Even though I had already taken this class, it was good to hear it again.  This is especially true since I am in a different place as a shooter and an instructor than I was the last time I was in this class four years ago.  This class seemed to be an above average group of shooters and I was impressed with everyone in attendance, including the fellow range officers, who I enjoyed working with!

I shot the LFI1 qualification cold and finished with a 290 (out of 300).  It was not my best outing.  Next time, I will do better!  I guess the pressure of shooting next to Mas was greater than I had anticipated.  And, I do mean next to, not just on the same line.  Eek!

MAG40 (Range portion)
MAG40 (Range portion) Photo Credit: Gail Pepin (Evil Princess of Podcasts, Pixels and   Polymer Pistols)

I was familiar with the range we were headed to as I had been there earlier this year with the Farnams.  In the back of my mind I was wondering if we would get to see John and Vicki.  I am happy to report that we did get to see the Farnams as they were teaching a private class that day.  I was excited to catch up with them and introduce Jeff to them!

Jeff and Jenna with John and Vicki Farnam
Jeff and Jenna with John and Vicki Farnam.  It was nice of Jeff to scruch so Vicki and I don’t appear so vertically challenged.

I was especially proud to have one of our students in class!   Actually, we had two students in class.  One for the entire class and one in the classroom portion.

Jeff and I left after Mas’s opening lecture on day three of four.  We’re not strangers to the classroom material and needed to get home.  I for one was also drained from spending 20+ hours in the heat and sun.

On the drive home I couldn’t stop thinking about the information that the students sitting in that classroom were about to hear.  There is a reason that MAG40 is considered the gold standard for the armed citizen and the journey that those students were on for two days in the classroom (an hopefully much longer) was a big, important one.  I was happy that I had a couple of students in that room to experience the class and to learn from Massad Ayoob.  I truly believe that this experience is life changing, and I was feeling emotional for my students and the rest of the class.

If you ever have the chance to take a MAG40 class, you need to do it.  Even if it means that you have to travel to get there.  The information is worth every penny and you even get to hang out with Mas for a few days!

I will never forget this experience or all the laughs we shared (with staff and students alike) over the course of 2 days on the range and I will jump at the chance to work with Mas again if given the opportunity.

Carry On, Massad Ayoob Group


Carry On, Colorado!