Unknown Heroes

Like most people, I have heroes.  Actually, I have a lot of heroes.  I have personal heroes and professional heroes.  But, the heroes I want to talk about today are the unknown heroes.

These heroes are brave the men and women who sacrifice so much to serve our country. Some  of these heroes pay the ultimate price by laying down their lives to protect you and me.

Recently, I had to drive to the airport to pick up my kiddo.  Between my house and the airport there were firetrucks, firemen and some police cars and police officers parked and standing on nearly every overpass of the highway. There were all looking at the north bound lanes of the highway as though they were expecting to see something specific. It took a minute to figure out what they were doing, as I had never seen this in person before. A mile or so down the road I saw a sign that was telling motorists: “Military Funeral Procession, delays possible.” As I read the sign I felt like I was hit in the chest with a ton of bricks and I immediately found myself fighting back tears. My heart ached for the family of the fallen solider. Not just the one being laid to rest today, in Colorado,  but all of the fallen heroes who have fought to protect our freedom over the years.

At the end of the movie “American Sniper” there is footage showing Chris Kyle’s funeral procession driving through Texas. The number of emergency personnel and all the civilians who stood on overpasses (in the pouring rain) to pay their respects to Chris and his family was impressive.  That salute, for lack of a better term,  seemed to be on a much grander scale than what I saw today, but today’s display was no less touching for me to see.

I wish I could have stopped and joined those fire fighters and police officers and paid my respects to the deceased this morning.  But alas, my kid was landing at the airport and I could not be late to meet his plane.


To all those who serve, have served and will serve in our Armed Forces, please know that there are many people out there that appreciate you and your sacrifices.

We are grateful not only to our soldiers, but to their families.  Thank you for all that you do to keep us safe and keep our freedoms intact.

God Bless and Carry On, Colorado!