“Calling the Shots” Is Born

As most of you know by now, I have been working dilligently (ok, maybe “dilligently” is a bad word because it’s taken me a while to get here) on writing and more recently, publishing a book.  This book is part of who I am personally and professionally.  It tells the story of why I do what I do and how I got to this point.  I even make fun of myself along the way just to keep it real.

What you may not know, is that just before I started writing this book, I met a new person in a round about and completely unexpected way.  You see, Jeff went to the barbershop to get a haircut one day, started talking shop with the owner (because, that is what guys do at the barber shop, isn’t it?) and ended up being introduced to this person (who Jeff and I knew of before hand, but had no idea we lived in the same state, let alone the same town)  when the barber recognized that he and Jeff had similar professions.

A few days later  Jeff and I met Jeff’s new aquaintance  for coffee and that is when things started to get weird (in a good way).   The person Jeff met in the barbershop that day was none other than Marc MacYoung, yes, that Marc MacYoung.

Fast forward a few months and we have now started to collaborate on writing cirriculum and would eventually go on to teach classes together.  It was about the time we started to collaborate with  Marc when he told me in a very matter of fact tone,  “You need to write a book.”  This made me point to myself, look around to see who else he might be talking to and ask “who, me?”

The very next day, I started writing “Calling the Shots”.  Although, for the longest time, I just called it “Work in Progress”.  Fast forward some more and here we are, I am about to publish that book and I even convinced Marc to write the foreword for me.  Ok, I really just asked him nicely.

Today, I am proud to call Marc a friend and a mentor.  The following is an exerpt of the piece he wrote for “Calling the Shots: Self-Protection and firearm choices that work for you”.

Jenna Meek came onto my radar a few years ago and I saw in her many of the things I’m not. First a woman. Second a mother. Third, a nice person. Those three things make her much, much more accessible to women who want to learn about personal safety. Also someone who understands the concerns, hesitations and socialization that women face regarding personal safety. Issues that — speaking as an ex-streetfighter and violence professional — hadn’t been issues for me for decades, if at all. I have no qualms about defending myself or others. That it could even be a question gets a confused Neanderthal look and a questioning “URH? ” sound from me. But you’re not me. She can help guide you through the hesitations and moral quandaries. She also can address subjects knowledgeably that I’d never considered. For example, how does wearing a dress or your bust size affect where and how you carry?  Seriously, that’s never been an issue for me.

Another issue for many women when it comes to learning about firearms is …well, ‘The Macho.’

Simply stated, if you have the strength to open a can of soup, you’re strong enough to defend yourself against the largest man. So big and strong is not the issue, mindset is. As Jenna points out, she’s not here to teach you how to be tacti-kool. Nor does she expect you to dedicate your life into obsessing on the details and intricacies of shooting as so many men do. It’s just not that big of a part of your life. Nor should it be. Having said that, in the piles and piles of minutia and testosterone, there as some key points you need to know. Once you know these general points, the whole process of learning and making the best choices for you become much, much easier.

The idea of taking responsibility for your personal safety can be both scary and daunting. That, more than it could become necessary, is the bad news. The good news is you hold in your hands a book written by someone who understands and can help you get through the rough spots.

-Marc MacYoung

I am very much looking forward to announcing the release of my book in the near future. Stay tuned for updates as they become available!

Carry On, Colorado!