Don’t Take Away My Ability to Protect Myself!

I recently had the displeasure of staying overnight in a hospital after having a surgery.  The displeasure had nothing to do with surgery.  That was a good thing.

The night before surgery I scoured the hospital’s website to see if there was any mention of the hospital being a “gun free zone”.  There was no mention on the website that guns were not allowed in the hospital.  The closest I came was finding an article that was published about a year prior that when the subject of arming hospital security (at this particular facility) came up that it was voted down.

Upon checking into the hospital Jeff and I both noticed the “No Guns” sign prominently displayed on the automatic sliding glass doors.  We looked at each other with that, “yep, I know that was coming” look.

Phots is from a different hospital, but you get the idea.
This photo is from a different hospital, but you get the idea.

I knew that even though I was going to be on pain medication and not able to get out of bed for a while that there were really no good options of self-protection.  Now, don’t get me wrong, even if the hospital were not posted, I was not going to be in any condition to have a defensive pistol at my bedside.  I get that part.  It was more about the advertisement that “Hey, scumbag, come on in .  Our Patients are sitting ducks!”  That I had an issue with.  Well, that and the fact that they were also prohibiting the most handsome, armed security guard I know  (Jeff, I’m referring to you) to be armed too.  But, I had to have surgery and there was no way I could go home the same day. so what’s a girl to do?

This girl packed a knife and a flash light into a toiletry bag and kept it on my tray table in arms reach the entire time I was in the hospital which was about a day and a half.  The first thing I asked Jeff to grab when I got to the room wa that bag.  When I told him what was in it he smiled and said “I love you” with that look of pride.  Hey, I wasn’t going down without a fight!

Yesterday the hospital emailed and asked me to fill out a survey about my experience.  There were a bunch of questions about

“How did we do?”

“Were we nice?”

Yada, yada, yada…  Then I got to the question that made the whole survey worth my precious time to fill out:

“Did you feel safe in our facility?” (or something to that effect.)


The gist of my response was … I was uneasy about my overnight stay in your facility.  Upon check in I noticed that the hospital is posted to prohibit the *legal* carry of firearms for self-protection.  I also know that your security guards are not armed.  I would be interested to know just how the hospital would be able to provide the necessary level of safety for those that are in your care.  I for one would feel comfort in knowing that there were people who could protect me in my vulnerable state after undergoing a medically necessary surgery.  I am saddened by the blatant disregard that you have for all who enter your facility.  We all know that “no gun” signs do not deter criminals from committing violence.  I would urge you to revisit your policies and at least arm your security personnel if you continue to limit the rights of law-abiding citizens who carry to take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their loved ones.

I also should have mentioned that I could recommend some edible brands of gluten-free bread to room service.  They stuff the serve has a texture that resembles cardboard, not that I have ever eaten cardboard, but that is pretty much what I imagine it to be like.

No, I did not actually finish eating the bread.
No, I did not actually finish eating the bread.

I am sure this opinion of deaf ears, but boy do I feel better for speaking my mind!

Carry On, Colorado!