Gun Review: Glock 43

I am not known for writing product reviews.  I tend to either love or hate things when it comes to guns and gun related equipment.  This in my opinion does not make for best the review.  That said, shortly after I launched my blog I had a request to write up my thoughts on the new Glock 43.  Please bear with me.

This is a gun that has been on my radar since it was first released, so I have decided to share my thoughts with you.  I must preface this post by telling you that before I picked up the G43 I had never met a Glock that I liked.  This does not mean that Glock makes bad guns, they have just never fit my tiny hands … until now.

I was first introduced to the G43 back in March at a conference I was attending.  I had the chance to meet one of the representatives from Glock and chat with him about the gun and what went into designing it.  It is actually on the same platform as it’s big sister, the Glock 26.  It was shrunk down and made into a single stack.  I got to touch and feel this gun for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised that the sleek, single stack 9mm fit my hands quite nicely.

Fast forward a few months to a  couple of weeks ago when I was provided the opportunity to shoot a G43, and I have to say, I liked it!  I did not shoot a ton, but what I did shoot was very well placed.  I shot 12 rounds from 3, 5 and 7 yards.  At 3 and 5 yards, the gun is more accurate than I am and at 7 yards I had a decent group of combat hits.  I would not have wanted to be down range for that group.

12 round groups at 3 yards (top), 5 yards (middle) and 7 yards (bottom)
12 round groups at 3 yards (top), 5 yards (middle) and 7 yards (bottom)

I have read other reviews that call the G43 “snappy”, but to be honest I did not notice a lot of felt recoil.  The gun was smooth and pleasant to shoot.

The trigger is listed at 5.5 pounds.  It has a little bit of take up and a crisp break.  It feels a little stiff out of the box, but I suspect that with enough time behind it that will be a non-issue.  It is one of the better sub compact triggers I have shot.

There are two things that disappoint me about the G34.  The factory sights and the magazine

Glock factory sights
Glock factory sights


The factory sight are the typical Glock sights.  They are accurate as is, I would just like to see a night sight option on this gun since it is likely to be used as many for carrying.  This is something that is easily fixed, although righ now aftermarket sights seem to be slightly hard to come by as the demand is up.

The capacity is the biggest drawback in my opinion.  The G43 comes with (2) six round magazines, period.  There is even a magazine with an extended pinky rest …  it still only holds six rounds.  I have searched high and low and there are no higher capacity magazines for the G43 on the market.  I can only hope that someday someone catches on and offers a magazine that holds 7 or 8 rounds.

G43 shown with pinky rest magazine
G43 shown with pinky rest magazine
G43 shown with flush fit magazine
G43 shown with flush fit magazine

You can get an after market base pad extender made by Taran Tactical Innovations to get the extra round or two, but from what I am seeing these  don’t curve with the gun but stick straight out.  In my opinion, this is not the best option for a concealing a weapon.

To be fair, I should mention that I was comparing the G43 to the Kahr PM9.  The Kahr has been my every day carry (EDC) gun for years.  I originally chose it because it was small.  I have never enjoyed shooting it.  It just feels like work.

Just for grins I shot a 3, 5 and 7 yard group out of the Kahr on this range trip and you can see that the results speak for themselves.

Kahr target (left) Glock target (right)
Kahr target (left)
Glock target (right)

Bearing in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect gun, but finding drawbacks that can be easily modified or that you can live with is the key to successful gun ownership, I have officially adopted the Glock 43 as my EDC, happily replacing the Kahr.  This is big news coming from a lady whose first gun love was a 1911!   While I do still love the 1911 platform, I think my new G43 and I will get along just fine.  I can’t wait to get some time behind this gun.

You may be wondering if hell has finally frozen over …. Nah, I am just growing in my self-defense and firearms journey, and it feels good!

Carry On, Colorado!